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Translation services

The added value of ASSERTIO

  • We are more than just middle men between the client and the translator. We offer a comprehensive translation service that is adapted to our clients' needs: from translation to layout design and printing.
  • Our translators use the most advanced computer-assisted tools to reduce costs and improve translation consistency.
  • Our procedures ensure systematic quality control of texts and are based on the EN 15038 standard.

Advantages of ASSERTIO over a freelance translator

  • We can translate large volumes in short periods of time.
  • We do all the management work: receiving materials, deadline control, quality control, layout and filing finished documents.
  • ASSERTIO guarantees the quality of the translation.

The ASSERTIO Language Services network unites our project management team and internal translators with certified external translators and the client, thus creating an optimal collaborative platform for everyone involved whilst accelerating translating processes to save costs and produce top-quality translations.

In order to achieve the integration of everyone involved in a project (administrative personnel, translators, editors and clients), we are firmly committed to the use of collaborative project control technology and online translation.

Specialist areas

However, while technology and processes are important, there remains no substitute for knowledge and experience of the specific industry. ASSERTIO LS is structured around areas of specialisation in the following industries:

Revision and proofreading services

Assertio takes pride in consistently delivering texts of the highest possible quality. We also offer revision and proofreading services to guarantee the quality of the translation, as well as its style, terminology, and consistency of register:

  • We produce validation reports that include the conclusions of our revisers.
  • All our revision and proofreading processes are subject to a quality control process managed by the head of the language department, who revises the content, analyses the text, checks possible errors in the terminology, and fixes any spelling or grammar mistakes.

 Request a quote or contact us if you wish to find out how we can help improve the quality of your translations and cut costs.

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