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Advantages of ASSERTIO Language Services

  • As IT specialists, we have the advantage of understanding the problems of software localization and we can solve technical problems at all localization stages.

  • As translation professionals, we know and use the latest translation productivity tools (IBM TM2, Trados, Transit XV).

This unique combination of technical staff and translators, together with our specialised skills and exclusive tools, enables us to provide you with a comprehensive service that includes all software localization activities.

What is Software localization?

Software localization is the translation and adaptation of computer programs into other languages and includes the translation of screens, error messages, help texts and all related technical documents so that the software can be sold in other countries.

Software localization stages

Setting up the project team

At the beginning of our commercial relationship with a client, a project manager will be assigned. The project manager is the sole point of contact with our client, and is dedicated to assessing all their requirements with them. The project manager is also responsible for managing deadlines and resources (translators, proofreaders, technical staff) to ensure that the project is finished on time, with the highest possible level of quality. Our project managers have proven experience in all aspects of software localization.

Terminology research and glossaries

At ASSERTIO, we attach great importance to terminology. Our localization experts work with you to draw up a glossary and ensure that the terminology used is the same throughout the whole project, making the translators' work easier.

Software adaptation / Localization engineering

Localization engineering involves studying the aspects that must be taken into account when adapting a software application to different cultures.

This includes identifying internationalisation problems, creating the test environment, preparing the text for translation and redesigning components.

Translation and proofreading

All ASSERTIO translators and proofreaders work in their mother tongue. All texts are worked on by the translator and then by a proofreader, who checks and confirms the final text. We also use the proofreading process to monitor the work of our translators and to ensure that the translated product meets our quality standards.

Functional test

The aim of the functional test is to check that the translated product works in the same way as the original. During the functional test, we ensure that the translated text is correct, that it is not truncated due to field size limitations or other reasons, and that the text-handling programs run properly with the translated text.


Translation and adaptation of IT programs

Translation of files in most formats: HTML, XML, SGML, RC, NetData, Java, DOC, RTF... Compilation of software and functional product testing when necessary.

Translation and creation of publications and technical documents

Translation of user manuals provided with programs. Insertion of translated graphics and screen captures. Desktop publishing and printing of manuals. We can work with almost any format and return the fully-finished content in PostScript, PDF, HTML and other formats.

Design and creation of specific documents

We can help you write documents and translate and adapt marketing materials.

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