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Ruby on Rails consulting and development

  • Ruby is an extremely expressive, intuitive language which makes programming a real pleasure.
  • Rails is a complete framework for the development of database applications based in Web 2.0
  • Assertio is one of the first companies to participate in this technology.

Are you interested in Ruby or Ruby on Rails?

Assertio specialises in the development of web applications. We use agile methodology and the latest technology, such as Ruby on Rails, to offer top-quality software.

We have developed web applications since our foundation, and have worked on Ruby on Rails solutions professionally since 2006. Learning has been no easy feat, and we have experienced both the pleasure and difficulty of developing applications with this framework before becoming an organisation capable of assuming a Ruby on Rails project from conception right through to its implementation and completion in reality.

We are not only dedicated to web technologies. Our in-depth experience of back-end and legacy systems, in addition to complex environments, ensures that we are best equipped to convert your ideas into reality, whether it involves adding online report generating functions (Business Intelligence), opening a legacy ERP for your clients (B2B/B2C) or the migration of web technology applications (creation of an API RESTful).

Scrum agile methodology

We use Scrum as a management method for our projects. We repeat the application of your product, from sprint to sprint, increasing its functionality in every cycle to return more value.

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