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ASSERTIO Language Services partners and alliances

SDL – Language Services Provider Associate Partner

SDL Associate Partner

SDL is the proprietor of probably the most well-known computer assisted translation tool, Trados. The programme SDL LSP Partner promotes relations between companies in order to benefit from the individual capabilities of each company and develop joint propositions to offer added value to clients.

As an LSP Associate Partner, we demonstrate the operation of Trados technology to clients who wish to use it.

ASSERTIO IT Solutions partners and alliances

IBM Business Partner

IBM is the largest IT company in the world. It represents quality, innovation and trustworthy products.

ASSERTIO IT Solutions is a certified IBM business partner. This certification enables us to commercialise series i and p IBM servers. As a result, we are able to complement our programming, configuration and maintenance solutions to offer truly comprehensive service.

Solmicro distribution and implementation partners

Solmicro produces business management software (ERP) designed especially for Spanish SMEs.

Assertio IT Solutions is an independent partner for the distribution of Solmicro Expertis ERP software. We offer consulting services regarding the best software solutions for your company management, and adapt and implement Solmicro eXpertis software in your firm.

PHP Barcelona Conference - Bronze Sponsor Partner

PHP Barcelona User Group is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and exchanging knowledge within the network of PHP developers.

Assertio IT Solutions is a bronze sponsor of the PHP Barcelona Conference, and collaborates both in training activities and the development of a social network amongst the PHP developer community.

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